by pollockc2

The Nintendo Wii is a gaming platform that uses the movement of the controller to dictate the movement of the player, or cursor on the screen.  The Wii has revolutionized the gaming industry by getting people to become physically active while playing the games.  I think that the Wii Console can be used in an educational setting because of the development of educational games such as my My Word Coach, and Big Brain Academy- Wii Degree.  These types of games can help teacher’s make learning fun for younger students.  The Wii can also be used in gym classes that have students with disabilities to level the playing field in some instances by using Wii Sports, or Wii Fit.  Currently there are several games that can be used in a classroom because they are based on developing the users education rather then hand eye coordination, and keep from “rotting the brain” as some adults say video games do because games being played can be educational and fun.

Additional Information can be found here, where a Wii has already been introduced in the classroom