Prominent People in Technology Education

by pollockc2

This is a post about as the title states, Prominent People in Technology Education.  I feel the following people have contributed to my knowledge of technology and different ways it can be used effectively.


The first person is Thomas L. Stuckert, technical communications professor at the University of Findlay. He taught me how to better use technology in my documents, and how to use different forms of technology to present information to audiences.



The second person is John W. Scherer, the founder of Video Professor.  I feel that although I personally have not used one of his video’s, my people in my family have, saving me a great deal of time from having to teach them how to use various programs on the computer.



The Final Person is Alvin Trusty, technology integration professor at the University of Findlay.  He has taught me more useful uses of technology in the last month then most of my previous technology teachers have taught me in the course of an entire year.