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Findlay’s Mission Statement

The University of Findlay’s Mission Statement


The Nintendo Wii is a gaming platform that uses the movement of the controller to dictate the movement of the player, or cursor on the screen.  The Wii has revolutionized the gaming industry by getting people to become physically active while playing the games.  I think that the Wii Console can be used in an educational setting because of the development of educational games such as my My Word Coach, and Big Brain Academy- Wii Degree.  These types of games can help teacher’s make learning fun for younger students.  The Wii can also be used in gym classes that have students with disabilities to level the playing field in some instances by using Wii Sports, or Wii Fit.  Currently there are several games that can be used in a classroom because they are based on developing the users education rather then hand eye coordination, and keep from “rotting the brain” as some adults say video games do because games being played can be educational and fun.

Additional Information can be found here, where a Wii has already been introduced in the classroom



Hosted by: Colin Stuart and Emily Fair

The basic concept of fire, which was discovered as far back as 800,000 years ago, is based off the fire triangle. The 3 things a fire needs to burn are oxygen, heat, and fuel. However, if you take away one of the sides from the triangle fire isn’t possible and will immediately diminish.  Fire can be extremely devastating when it burns out of control. For example forest fires in California, the great Chicago fire, and as talked about in this Podcast the fire of London.   Although fire can cause such great devastation without it we would not have the benefits of cooking, heating, the ability to shape metal or pottery, engines, lighting, electricity, and medicines. Temperature fire can reach range anywhere from the common candle at 1400 °F to a blow torch at 3272 °F and temperature can even exceed that.


RSS Technology

RSS Technology can benefit me in my teaching because I can create my own newspaper that will allow me to keep up to date with current event in the field of integrated science.  It is also a more efficient way to read articles on the Internet because they are not displayed with advertisements.  For example if in my class we are talking about butterflies and I have a RSS subscription to a science based site dealing with butterflies and a new species is discovered I will know about it before almost anyone else because by looking at my RSS Reader I can see this information rather then visiting the site again, which is much more efficient.

I am currently using Google Reader, and am subscribed to the following blogs

Terner Acheson’s, Hillary Risser’s, Erin Thomasson’s, Dustin Zeilaskiewicz’s and Alvin Trusty’s

New Technology


         I think that Power point is one of the most useful technologies in a classroom.  Power point can be used to display notes to students, provide pictures, and even contain videos demonstrating what the notes talk about.  I believe this to be one of the most useful technologies because it allows teachers to incorporate several technologies into one.  Power point presentations can then be saved on a computer, and posted on the internet for the students to view and download either while they are in class, or when they go home at night to do homework and study.  Although I think that power points are a very effective technology to be used in classroom it should not be the only technology used to teach lessons.  I feel that power points should be used as an outline for the teacher why the teacher uses other teaching methods to communicate the information to the students because learning strictly from a power point has been proven to be a difficult way to learn the material.

Prominent People in Technology Education

This is a post about as the title states, Prominent People in Technology Education.  I feel the following people have contributed to my knowledge of technology and different ways it can be used effectively.


The first person is Thomas L. Stuckert, technical communications professor at the University of Findlay. He taught me how to better use technology in my documents, and how to use different forms of technology to present information to audiences.



The second person is John W. Scherer, the founder of Video Professor.  I feel that although I personally have not used one of his video’s, my people in my family have, saving me a great deal of time from having to teach them how to use various programs on the computer.



The Final Person is Alvin Trusty, technology integration professor at the University of Findlay.  He has taught me more useful uses of technology in the last month then most of my previous technology teachers have taught me in the course of an entire year.